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Fresh Ingredients

Fine dining from good food produced from fresh ingredients.


Great Atmosphere

A great atmosphere for friends and relaxing in a contemporary setting.


Finest Cuisine

Our exquisite and extensive menu  will sure to get your taste buds jumping.


Nice Staff

You will never forget our smile and professional attitude. 

Wellcome to Hamadan

Where we aim to make your evening or order a pleasant experience with a difference. Whether you are a connoisseur of traditional Indian cuisine or seeking new adventurous flavours to challenge you pallet. We have something to satisfy every appetite. We throw all our energy and commitment to work in the kitchen, it didn't take us long to create new tantalising and aromatic dishes. With masters in the kitchen, we have developed a real understanding and flair for Indian cuisine. We select only the finest ingredients for our preparations and hope you will find satisfaction with our result. Our staff are very talented and have been trained to meet customer's need and to provide the best quality possible. Our 'AWARD WINING CHEF' can cater for your favourite dishes even if it not in our menu!

So, come and experience the finest authentic Indian restaurant and takeaway.


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